Kitchen Sink Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower cheese has always been a favourite of mine.  Unlike most purists, I use it as vehicle to help use up what’s in my fridge.  In this recipe I’ve included what was in my fridge when I made it. 

In the past I’ve included ingredients such as sautéed mushrooms, bacon, red onion or sweetcorn.  As with most of my recipes, you can adapt them to suit your own taste.  I usually eat this on it’s because it’s pretty substantial, but can also use it as a side dish.

As everyone has got obsessed with low carb eating, cauliflowers have started to get expensive. (I don’t care what anyone says cauliflower rice is not as good as proper rice).  I’ve learned that you can also eat the outer leaves of cauliflowers and they’re pretty tasty (think a milder version of cabbage).


1 Large cauliflower

6 Spring onions/scallions

100 grams Chorizo

500 mil Milk

50 grams Flour

50 grams Butter

100 grams Grated Cheese (I use a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella, because it’s what was in the fridge, but use whatever you have

Salt and pepper


  1. Wash the cauliflower and separate the head into florets, and chop the outer leaves and stalks.
  2. In a large pot of salted boiling water, cook the cauliflower until just tender.  Once cooked, drain well and transfer into a shallow oven proof dish
  3. Chop the chorizo and spring onion, in a deep sided frying pan fry the chorizo until the it starts to release it’s oil, and put to one side, 
  4. Gently fry the spring onion in same pan for one minute and put to side with the chorizo
  5. In the same pan again melt the butter and then gradually whisk in the flour and milk.  Cook for a further 4-5 minutes over a gentle heat until you have cooked out the flour (this means the sauce shouldn’t taste floury).  Season with salt and pepper 
  6. Add the chorizo and spring onion back to the sauce and combine with the cooked cauliflower in an oven proof dish.
  7. Sprinkle the combined ingredients with grated cheese and bake for 30 – 40 minutes or until golden brown

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